Sunday, May 25, 2008

Publicity - Need your help!

Jen is working on gaining media attention through various magazines and plans to be in touch with a local news crew when the time nears. While doing so, it would be helpful to have a short summary of your surfing background. Please send that with two pictures – one close up (of your face) and one surfing picture. This will also be used for portfolios and sponsorship letters.

Email bio and pictures to:

WDSC Committee Meeting May 22, 2008


The World Deaf Surfing Contest (WDSC) Committee met last week and there are many things to share.

Applications to obtain surf contest permits are pending. We are attempting to reserve two surf breaks on the south shore – the second reserved break is our “Plan B”.

Our number one choice remains Ala Moana Bowls on the south shore. We are also applying for a permit at Kewalos on the south shore as a back up. The city is responsible for approving the permit at Ala Moana Bowls, which is due in June. The permit application for Kewalos is governed by the state and will not be accepted before August. Don't forget the contest is tentatively to be held in late July or August 2009! (The exact dates cannot be decided until the city or state approve our permits - sorry guys).

The cost of the permit is $100 for a contest with 100-149 participants. The cost immediately increases to $1,000 once we reach 150 participants. For this reason, it is speculated that we will limit the contest to 149 participants – first come first serve.

Hank is currently working on a series of social events including opening and closing ceremonies. One suggestion was to use DAHH (Deaf Aloha Happy Hour) as a fundraiser. We will need other people to serve on this committee to help with event planning and fundraising. Email if interested.

Ray was offered a deal to get HDSA soft top long boards in exchange for yard work. Ray will give these long boards to HDSA to promote deaf surfing, IF he has volunteers to help with the yard work. The more volunteers the better and faster it goes. Email to volunteer!

HDSA is excited to announce the first “prep-contest series” and family beach day!! The “prep-contest series” is a mock contest to get all of us ready to compete in WDSC 2009. This first time around, there will be no judges. We will run a few heats with a couple seasoned competitors to critique and offer guidance. This will allow us to figure out what we can accomplish in a heat and how to make the best use of our time. When? June 28th. Time TBA. Bring a color rash guard. USDSA meeting to follow.


HDSA Chapter:

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Monthly Surf Gathering Cancelled for this Month

Due to various deaf events in Southern California this weekend, we will gather again in June for the surf session and BBQ! Be on the lookout for the next announcement filled with details of the gathering! =D