Wednesday, March 19, 2008


USDSA needs your vote for the location and date of the 2009 World Deaf Surfing Championships (WDSC).

There is a panel in Hawaii that decides when contests happen, so the exact date of the contest is not left to USDSA to decide.

Out options are to either have the contest during the summer (end of July to August) on the south shore, or during the winter (November to December) on the north shore. USDSA requests the general time frame, but the exact contest dates are decided by the Hawaii government.

Ray Rapozo, WDSC Contest Director, explains the pros and cons of north shore versus south shore is this vlog.

Active members, please email your votes to by Sunday, March 23, 2008 6:00pm HST.

For help on becoming an active member, you may email,, or contact your regional representative.



Jon Savage said...

Voted July-Aug.. best for old school surfer!

Jon Savage
San Diego Deaf Surfer (SDDS)

sunfloray said...

Summer (Aug-July) is ideal (perfect) for ALL surfers (including longboard, shortboard, bodyboard, and women) during summer vacation and break. The more surfers the merrier we are for the contest. If you vote winter (Nov/Dec), the surfers will be smaller.